Nikkei Matsuri San Jose Japantown
2013 Festival Date : Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Recent Updates (Last Update : 1/4/2013):
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Nikkei Matsuri recognizes the impacts that large events can have on the environment. This year, we have partnered with Nothing Wasted Consulting and the City of San Jose Environmental Services green event grant to help the 2012 Nikkei Matsuri event divert at least 50% of its waste from the landfill. Through this partnership, we will have implemented sustainable waste management practices into the event. Any food scraps, paper food ware (such as plates, bowls, cups, napkins), and utensils can go into the green “compostable” container. Any plastic bottles, plastic containers, aluminum cans, and aluminum foil can go into the blue “recyclables” containers. For more information on our event greening efforts, please contact Nothing Wasted Consulting at With your help, we can make this 2012 Nikkei Matsuri event clean and green.